Entrance with tovel and slippers 40,00 zł
Entrance under 25 years with tovel and slippers 22,00 zł
Entrance Su/Mon/Wed/Thurs after 10 p.m.** 20,00 zł
HAPPY HOURS every day 6 p.m.-8 p.m. 40,00 zł 25,00 zł *
After Party (from friday and saturday midnight ) 40,00 zł
Massage 60 min 140,00 zł
Massage 30 min 100,00 zł
Private room with TV 35,00 zł/h
Extra towel 5,00 zł/each
Beer 0,5 l 14,00 zł
vodka + cola/juice 20,00 zł/each
juice 7,00 zł/each
cola/fanta/sprite/tonic 0,25 l 7,00 zł/each

Condition of using the promotional entry is to show photo ID.
Friday,Ssaturday and Sunday ticket valid 8 hours. Another extra hour cost 5 pln.

** Promotion does not combine.

* Tuesdays are excluded from the promotion and mens above 33.y.o..

We accept credit cards.

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