Massage seems to be a promising choice for all those tired and stressed with everyday routine. It helps relax your muscles and soothe nerves.


The classic massage combined with musicotherapy helps in treatment of pressure, muscle cramps, joint pains or headache. Massage invigorates physiological functions of skin, loosens scar tissue and fosters metabolism. It is simple and relatively cheap body treatment to remain in a good shape.


Most people use massage when some spine affliction appears, though, regular massage sessions 1-2 times a month are pure goodness for your organism.

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Classic massage - 60 min 
Classical massage - 30 min 
We do not offer erotic massages. Massage therapists are skilled.

Booking Your massage


Massage is available every day from 4 p.m. till 10 p.m., the reservation of the following telephone number: +48 22 620 02 55.
Information about available dates also provides service at the reception.

Duty perform


JACEK-monday, wednesday
KAMIL- tuesday
ANTON- thursday, saturday
Jan- friday



Tied together with this place since its beginning. A talkative and goal-oriented guy with strong hands. He precisely knows what he wants. A qualified massagist valued for his healthy distance to things.



Confident and determined.Professional masseur techniques. Is quite new pearson.We tell You more about him leater.


The freshest guy in a team yet he has already adapted well. Certificate from Ukrainian Federation of massage. He always puts smile on his face, peaceful and helpful. In Poland from two years.Meet Aufguss ( code name) in action each Monday in a dry sauna at 8 p.m. Thoroughly recomemended!