About Us



• sauna


• steam bath


• massage


• drink bar


• chillout room


• private cabins


• darkroom


• Wi-Fi connection






Since 2010 SAUNA HEAVEN has done its best to make a discerning client satisfied. Since the beginning it was meant to be a change from everyday chores, a way to kill some time, the place where you can unwind in good standard.


After fours years, we most certainly won your hearts. Theme parties, boozy bars and... darkrooms make this place your place and that is in the air.



Modernly arranged rooms were designed in a way to make your time and get-togethers possibly the most relaxing. Reception, bar and changing room are equipped with an electronic tap-and-go system.


The lockers open automatically after the band is scanned. All the purchase at the bar is made the same tap-and-scan method. You can check your running total at any time at the scanner located in a changing room. All payment is to be done at the desk when leaving.


The relaxation room has been rearranged, needle showers equipped with motion-detection sensors and finally the smoking area is closed behind a sliding door.


Hope you will enjoy our new interior, see you there!